Maintain your Business


Maintain Your Business

New Corporations and LLCs have additional 申请 needs after getting started. Servico is your partner in meeting the needs of new businesses, and we are here to help maintain existing businesses with ongoing 申请 requirements.  Call us or use our convenient online forms for assistance with the following services:


  • Most states require that you file an Annual Report to keep company information current with the Secretary of State. In New York, Corporations and LLCs are required to file biennially, every two years. This presents one more task and deadline to keep track of. Not sure if  you have missed your 申请 deadline? Call us, and we will immediately check if the report is delinquent. We will obtain your preprinted biennial report, fax or email it to you for a signature, and file it so you can attend to running your business.


  • Sometimes situations arise causing 变化 in how a business operates.
  • If your business is operating under multiple names or divisions, you may have to file an Assumed Business Name, also known as a DBA, so you can legally operate under an alternate name.  You may also utilize this 申请, so that your business can operate under a name that was NOT available for 申请 as your true Corporation/LLC name. 在365平台州 any assumed name is available for use and 申请 as long as it does not contain a word restricted by NYS Statute. The same consent requirements that apply to Corporate and LLC names apply to assumed names, though we can assist in obtaining the consent that is required for 申请.
  • We will assist you with the complete 申请 process, including preparing the Certificate of Assumed Name, obtaining any necessary consents, 申请, and obtaining the required certified copy for your records. Use our convenient online worksheet, download and fax it, or call us for assistance!

REINSTATEMENTS: Get Back in Good Standing

Involuntary dissolution doesn’t have to end a business.

If this happens to you, let us assist you with reinstating your corporation as quickly as possible. 在365平台州, businesses are required to pay annual taxes for the privilege of operating as a state entity.  If you fail to file the necessary tax returns and/or pay your taxes for a period of three years, the NYS Department of Taxation & Finance may involuntarily dissolve your corporation. You will not be able to obtain a good standing, or file any maintenance documents, such as assumed business names, 修正案, 变化, mergers or voluntary dissolutions, unless the corporation gets back in good standing first.  Give our office a call, and we will assist you with determining exactly what action you must take in order to remedy the situation.


Smoothly expand nationwide.

Corporations or LLCs formed in one state often expand to transact business in another state. Before conducting operations across state lines, a business is required to file for a Foreign Qualification, or obtain authority to do business in that state. Filing requirements vary from state to state, and we can assist you with making sure your business is properly registered, so that your assets are properly protected, you may use the court system, open bank accounts, or hold title to real estate. With just one call to Servico, you will know the costs and time frame involved for 申请 in all fifty states!